Tulip Golden Parade

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Spring is even better with the Golden Parade tulips brightening up the landscape. These luminous yellow egg-shaped flowers are a real eye-catcher for every yard, field or event. From the high-quality flower bulbs grow strong stems with big flower heads, making them great for landscape purposes. The typical Dutch tulips will bloom from mid-spring, marking the start of the warmer days and longer evenings. Bring the spring feel to every yard with Golden Parade tulips. How to plant Tulip Golden Parade Tulips originate from mountain areas, making them highly adaptable to living in temperate climates. These flowers, therefore, do not need to be planted in places with high temperatures. Additionally, before blooming, these flower bulbs need to be exposed to a period of cold weather above the ground. For planting tulip bulbs it is important to:
  • Plant Golden Parade tulip bulbs in a sunlit or half shade spot, as they open when touched by sun rays;
  • Plant them before the first frost, somewhere between September and December;
  • Plant them four inches in the ground, so they are sufficiently protected from the cold;
  • Plant the bulbs two inches apart from one another for the roots to have enough space to spread.
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Bloom Height

22 inches

Bloom Time

Mid Spring

Light Requirements

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Plant Depth

4 inches






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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