Allium Purple Sensation

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Alliums are most known for their beautiful purple flowers. But Alliums are much more than that. Did you know Alliums are a member of the bulbous plants? The long stem makes the plant stand out in the crowd. Alliums stand above all other flowers and reach for the sky as no other flowers do. The stem grows straight in the air and is very strong. Some stems can grow up to 40? (1 meter) high. How to plant?
The bulbs bloom from Springtime, and the spectacular flowers show their faces a little later, from May to June. Allium bulbs need to be planted in Fall, before the frost. The bulbs need to be planted at least 4? (10 cm) in the ground so that they can establish during Winter. Allium bulbs adore the sunshine and grow best in well-drained soil. Flowers
The unique flowers grow round; they exist from loads of mini flowers. Some Alliums have such a compact growth. They form a full-covered round ball. The flowers show off in purple sensation. These fantastic, tall creatures are perfect to combine with annual bulbs or perennials in the border. Vary with garden plants in the same color shades, like crocuses and other Fall planted flower bulbs. This way, a natural color painting can be created. Wildlife
The purple blooms are very attractive to:
  • insects
  • butterflies
  • bees
Gardeners who love butterflies should plant Alliums. The flowers of Alliums contain much nectar, which attracts butterflies and other insects. Gardeners help to increase biodiversity in their garden and enjoy the lovely colors of Alliums in Summer. A perfect win-win situation. Dry Allium flowers
If the flowers of the Allium are finished flowering, leave them in the ground. Don?t harvest Alliums! Left Alliums they are perfect for drying. The flowers form a ball of little brown stems. Cut stems are often used for home decoration. Alliums are placed in high vases and brighten up everyone?s interior. Buy Allium Aflatunense Purple Sensation at De Vroomen. We ship wholesale flower bulbs to retailers and garden centers in Canada and the US. These perennial bulbs are available from May.
Bloom Height

30 inches

Bloom Time

Very Late Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

4 in.






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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Polinator, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant