The ornamental Allium is one of the tallest and most gorgeous perennials in the summer garden. There are more than 700 different types of alliums in the world. At De Vroomen, you order various alliums online. Alliums require low maintenance but can only be planted in fall.

How to grow Alliums

Ornamental alliums are hardy to zone 4 and thrive in most soils, as long as the soil is well-drained. Alliums prefer sunlight and perform best when they can bask it in all day long. Plant alliums on a full sun to partial shade spot. Alliums multiply naturally, so alliums can be left untouched and grows back each year. Remember, there is only one time of year to plant alliums: in fall. If planted in fall, alliums have enough time to establish before the frost. Watch alliums grow from May to June.

Popular Alliums

At De Vroomen, we sell many different varieties of alliums. You can choose from tall to tallest alliums in our webshop. Here are some examples of alliums you can order:

Purple Sensation: this 2-4” (5-10 cm) full purple globe blooms in early June. The sturdy stems grow up to 24-30” (60-75 cm) and stand out in ever border.

Globemaster: this tallest allium rises to 3-4 feet (60-90 cm) and produces large flower heads. The Globemaster blooms from early to mid-June with bright purple flowers.

Sphaerocephalon (drumsticks): the small, round pink flowers are adorable and are very attractive to bees and other insects. This allium blooms from August to December.

Moly: this yellow allium is a beautiful ground-covering perennial that blooms from May to June. This allium is perfect for shady positions in the garden.

Order Alliums

Alliums are long-lasting perennials that have a long flowering period. To extend the flowering period, we advise planting different varieties of alliums in the border. Some alliums bloom from May, and others flower from August. Order allium bulbs at De Vroomen in our webshop. Alliums are available from the end of August or at the beginning of September. For more information about a particular allium, we advise you to read the information on the specific page of your choice of allium.