Very early-spring flowering Galanthus can’t be missed in any spring garden. The flowers exist from 3 lobed, bell-shaped snow-white petals. The flowers appear in very early spring. The popular snowdrops sometimes already show their faces while the snow lasts. Imagina grass fields fully-covered in the snow with small snowdrops appearing. This immediately tickles the first spring fever and makes us forget the dark winter days. There are many different snowdrops, but Galanthus is one of the purest white and early-blooming flowers. Order Galanthus online at De Vroomen and let your bulk bulbs ship to the USA and Canada.

How to grow Galanthus

Snowdrops grow in full sun to partial shade and prefer well-drained soils. Ideal for planting under deciduous trees where exposure to the sun is complete in early spring but changes to partial shade as the trees leaf out. Plant the flower bulbs 2” (5 cm) deep and place around 20 bulbs per square feet for the best visual site. This very early bloomer reminds you of the spring, while winter still lasts. To experience this fantastic feeling, we advise you to order the flower bulbs on time. The galanthus flower bulbs are available from August. Make sure you plant the flower bulbs in September, so the flower bulbs and roots have enough time to establish.

Popular Galanthus

Snowdrops appear in different species, but De Vroomen sells the two most popular varieties online. You can choose between the following types:

Nivalis: the pure white petals show their faces when you haven’t thought of any blooming at all. Nivalis snowdrops easily naturalize, which makes this garden plant ideal for grass fields and under trees.

Flore Pleno: with its white, double flowers, this galanthus snowdrop variety looks fantastic in the front of the border, under shrubs and in containers. The bloom reaches 4” (10 cm) and must be planted 2” (5 cm) deep.

For more information about the particular snowdrop, click on the link. Do you have any questions about the galanthus? Please contact us.

Order Galanthus

At De Vroomen, it’s easy to order galanthus flower bulbs. Check the number of bulbs per bag and order as many bags as you prefer. We securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada.