Tulip Northcap

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With its pure white petals, the Northcap tulips will add that special touch to every garden and landscape. In contrast to most other double early tulips, the petals of the Northcap tulips are single-colored. These high quality, long-stemmed tulips do not only make for real eye catchers in gardens, they are also very well suited as cut flowers. About the Northcap white tulips The Northcap tulip is a double early tulip, meaning it blooms from early on in the year with a double row of petals in every flower head. About the Northcap white tulips:
  • Double early tulips;
  • Grow up to 15? (38 cm);
  • Prefer full sun or partial shade;
  • Are low maintenance and require little watering;
  • Plant the bulbs 3-4? (8-10 cm) deep;
  • Are resistant to most pests;
  • Prefer well-drained soils.
Double early tulips The early blooming bulb flowers grow flower heads with a double row of petals from every stem, creating a dense flower bed that stands out against the green foliage. With their double row of petals, these double early tulips look almost like peonies. With double early tulips from our assortment, you are assured of high quality flower bulbs that are true-to-name and true-to-size. As a member of the elite Holland Selection organization we guarantee the highest quality flower bulbs and supreme flowering. ?Order cut flower bulbs online Order Northcap tulip bulbs, other wholesale flower bulbs and garden products online at De Vroomen. Take a look at our catalog for our assortment plants and garden products. We ship to Canada and the USA. The Northcap tulips are available at De Vroomen.
Bloom Height

14 inches

Bloom Time

Early to Mid Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

4 inches






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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Container, Cut Flower, Fragrant