Tulip Daydream

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The Daydream tulips are soft colored tulips. The yellow of the petals evolves into soft orange, creating a beautiful gradient that will bring the spring feel to every yard and landscape. As the flowers bloom mid-spring, the flowers emit a wonderful fragrance. These flowers are thus not only a feast for the eyes, but also provide a pleasant smell in the fresh air. Bring the feeling of spring to every yard with these beautiful, bright tulips. Popular perennials Tulips are one of the most popular perennials for the wide range of colors available, as well as their strength to bloom for several years. In our catalog, you?ll find a wide range of tulips and tulip blends available, but also many more wholesale flower bulbs. Daffodil blends, hyacinths and irises make up only a fragment of our wide assortment. Take a look at our online catalog or contact us for the possibilities for landscaping projects. Planting tulips As strong growers, tulips are often favored for landscaping properties. The flower bulbs are easily planted and the high-quality flowers in our assortment will bloom in spring. Planting instructions for tulips:
  • As tulips need a period of cold before they bloom, they should be planted before the first frost;
  • Plant the Daydream tulip bulbs approximately four inches in the ground and two inches apart from one another;
  • The flowers are adapted to temperate climates with moderate rainfall. Only in periods of extreme droughts are the flowers therefore to be watered.
Order the Daydream tulip bulb mix online You can order the colorful mixture of strong growing, high-stemmed Daydream tulips, other wholesale flower bulbs and garden products online at De Vroomen. Take a look at our catalog for our assortment plants and garden products. We ship to Canada and the USA. The Daydream tulip mix is available at De Vroomen in spring.
Bloom Height

22 inches

Bloom Time

Mid Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color

Orange, Yellow

Plant Depth

4 inches






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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Cut Flower, Fragrant