Tulip Royal Oxford Blend

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A combination of bright flowers in traditional English fashion ? that is the Royal Oxford tulip blend. The contrasting yellow, bright red, and deep purple, along with the green foliage reminds of a sunny day in the English countryside. The tulips will not only brighten up every landscape but will additionally create a rich color palette made up of high-quality tulips. The high-stemmed tulips excel in color, as well as height as they bloom up till as high as 16 inches. Tulip bulb blends at De Vroomen The Royal Oxford is just one of the many tulip blends in our assortment. Some of the other tulip blends we offer are the pastel pink and yellow Ballroom Dance, the bright red and yellow Burning Embers, and the pink and purple Mixed Feelings tulip blend. Additionally, we offer wholesale tulip bulbs sorted on color. At De Vroomen you?ll find a wide range of wholesale flower bulbs for landscape contractors, garden designers, municipalities, garden centers and other professional or business associations. Take a look at our online assortment for our high-quality wholesale perennials. Planting tulip bulbs Tulip bulbs are often associated with the Netherlands. Although they do not originate from our transatlantic neighbors, they thrive on the temperate climate found in the Netherlands as well as in North America. All the tulips need is a bit of sun and moderate rainfall for them to grow strong and bloom bright. When planting the tulip bulbs it is important to:
  • Plant the Royal Oxford tulip blend in a sunlit or half shade spot in the yard or field;
  • Plant the bulbs approximately four inches deep and two inches apart from one another;
  • Plant them at least eight weeks before the first frost, between September and December.
Order the Royal Oxford tulip bulbs online From our online catalog the Royal Oxford wholesale tulip bulbs, other wholesale flower bulbs, and garden products can be ordered. Take a look at our assortment wholesale perennials for professional landscaping. We ship to Canada and the USA. The Royal Oxford tulip bulbs are available at De Vroomen in spring.
Bloom Height

16 inches

Bloom Time

Mid to Late Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color

Purple, Red, Yellow

Plant Depth

4 inches






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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