Scilla siberica

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In March, most meadows color blue, because of the stunning flower bulbs of the Scilla Siberica. One of the most exciting things of the beginning of spring, is the green grass fields turning into spring flower meadows. Gardeners who love to add colour to their beddings, borders or yards, should definitely add Scilla Siberica flower bulbs to their collection. If planted in the right spot, they will naturalize and form a carpet of stunning blue flowers in no-time. About the Scilla Siberica
  • Plant the Scilla Siberica from August to December.
  • The plant blooms from March to the beginning of April.
  • The flowers grow up to 4? (10 cm) high.
  • The bulbs need to be planted 6? (15 cm) deep.
  • The Scilla Siberica comes from Siberia, that?s why it?s called Scilla Siberica.
  • The flower bulbs are hardy and survive the toughest winter.
Plant the Scilla Siberica for best displays The Scilla Siberica makes stunning spring flowers because of its beautiful blue color. The bell-shaped faced down flowers look wonderful in a rock garden. Plant 15 bulbs per square feet for best visual impact. Meadows that are fully covered by blue spring flowers, mostly take years. But the Scilla Siberica naturalizes easily. Therefore, gardeners love the Scilla Siberica. If planted on the right spot, and left undisturbed, the flowers will increase and cover meadows in no-time. Order Scilla Siberica online De Vroomen sells bulk flower bulbs for bulk prices. Order Scilla Siberica and other spring flowers online. We ship your order to the USA and Canada. Available from August.
Bloom Height

6 inches

Bloom Time

Very Early to Early Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

3 inches






Packaged In

100 Bulbs per Bag


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Deer Resistant, Naturalizing