Chionodoxa forbesii (Glory of the snow)

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Gardeners who love to create a dazzling display in their border, adore the Chionodoxa forbesii. This garden plant stays low, which makes the garden plant perfect for the front position of the border. From the end of August, these wholesale flower bulbs are available at De Vroomen. These flower bulbs are suitable for borders, but they also grow fabulous in flower pots. Also, people with no garden, like balconies and roof terraces, can enjoy these lovely blue-white colored plants. Perennials supplier De Vroomen sells wholesale flower bulbs and creates unique, beautiful blends that De Vroomen Garden Products is known for. Chionodoxa forbesii is a unique yard plant, also known as Glory of the snow. From only one flower bulb, this plant blooms stems with up to 8 star-like flowers. In early SpringSpring, these charming blue-white blossoms show their faces and make the yard look beautiful for several weeks. Naturalises fast Chionodoxa forbesii grow easy in average, medium, well-drained soils. Gardeners can choose whether to plant these bulbs in a sunny or half shady spot. Once the Chionodoxa forbesii is established, the garden plant quickly naturalizes and comes back year after year. The plants grow and naturalize best if left entirely undisturbed; this encourages new growth. How to plant
  • Plant Chionodoxa forbesii perennial bulbs in small groups in Fall.
  • Gardeners need 25-50 pieces per square meter.
  • Plant the flower bulbs around 2-4? (5-10 cm) deep.
  • The flowers will grow up to 4-8? (10-20 cm) and last for several weeks.
Buy Chionodoxa forbesii and other wholesale bulbs online. De Vroomen sells high-quality flower bulbs in Canada and the US. These flower bulbs are available from August.
Bloom Height

6 inches

Bloom Time

Very Early Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color

Blue, White

Plant Depth

2 inches






Packaged In

100 Bulbs per Bag


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Deer Resistant, Naturalizing