Iris Reticulata Harmony

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The beautiful Iris blooms early in the season. The dark blue-purple flowers are a true sign of Spring. The Iris Reticulata Harmony is a perfect flower for flower pots and containers on the patio, terrace or balcony. About the Iris Reticulata Harmony We can write a book about the stunning Iris Reticulata Harmony, but we have to be succinctly. We listed the most important facts about the Iris Reticulata Harmony:
  • The flower bulbs need to be planted in fall
  • The flower bulbs are 2,3? (6 cm) wide
  • The plant grows up to 4? (10 cm) high
  • The plant needs to be planted 2-4? (5-10 cm) deep
  • The bulbs like a sunny to half-shady spot
How does the Iris Reticulata Harmony look? This mini Iris has indescribable blue-purple flowers what this flower is known for. Make sure you plant the Iris Reticulata Harmony insight, on the front of the border, you don?t want to miss this stunning flower blooming. While all other garden plants are still dull and faded, the Iris Reticulata Harmony shows up early in the season and makes a great impact. Also, the Iris Reticulata Harmony grows well in pots or containers. So, if you aren?t privileged to have a large garden, even on the small balcony this flower establishes well. Order Iris Reticulata Harmony online Order Iris Reticulata Harmony flower bulbs online at De Vroomen. We have supplied garden centers in the USA and Canada with bulk flowers. We sell bulk bulbs for bulk prices. Available from the end of August.
Bloom Height

6 inches

Bloom Time

Very Early Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

2 inches






Packaged In

100 Bulbs per Bag


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