Narcissus Fragrant Meadow Blend

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If you can?t choose between all the wholesale daffodil bulbs we sell at De Vroomen, choose the Fragrant Meadow mix. This mix has everything every gardener wants. A stunning variety of high, low, large cupped, small-flowered, colored and pure flowers all in one bag. Buy 50 bulbs per bag and fill meadows with the ultimate Spring feeling. This mix blooms from early to mid-spring and smells also. What do you want more? About the Mix Fragrant Meadow The mix Fragrant Meadow is a mix of different daffodil wholesale bulbs. This mix contains flower bulbs of the fragrant daffodil varieties. The lovely smell gives you the ultimate spring feeling. Cheer up every dull grass field with this lovely mix. The flowers grow up to 14-18? (35-45 cm) tall and need to be planted about 4?(10 cm) deep. Plant about 3-4 bulbs per square feet to create a full carpet of spring flowers. The bag contains about 50 bulbs per bag. Stunning Mix Fragrant Meadow The stunning mix is one of our favorite?s at De Vroomen. The excellent mix of fragrant varieties gives the meadow an extra dimension during spring. Walk in a field of mixed daffodil flower bulbs and you will feel like you?re at a Flower Show. Order wholesale Welcoming Fragrant Meadow bulbs De Vroomen has sold wholesale flower bulbs for over 90 years. We offer high-qualified bulk bulbs. Looking for wholesale flower bulbs to ship to the USA and Canada? We ship our bulk bulbs everywhere in the USA and Canada. Available from August.
Bloom Height

14 – 18 inches

Bloom Time

Early to Mid Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

5 inches






Packaged In

50 Bulbs per Bag


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