Crocus Ruby Giant

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Crocus Ruby Giant is a fast-spreading star-shaped crocus that can?t be missed in any Spring bedding. The Crocus Ruby Giant has deep red-purple flowers with a bright orange flower pistil. Ruby Giant gets its name from the star-shaped purple flowers. When Spring starts, parks, borders, and bedding's glow up with the bright crocuses that show up. Because the Crocus Ruby Giant is a fast-spreading spring flower, every year the number of crocuses increases. The early-spring flowering crocus is one of the best naturalizing in grass. ?Winter hardy Crocus Ruby Giant is winter hard and blooms from late winter till early spring. The star-shaped flower opens when there?s enough daylight or when the sun shines. The flowers close again when it?s rainy or at night. The crocus bulbs that remain in the ground always bloom a little bit earlier than the crocus bulbs that have been planted the previous year. ?How Crocus Ruby Giant looks Crocuses Ruby Giant grows up to 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) tall and grows straight. The flowers face towards the sky and blooming occurs from late winter until early spring. This easy naturalizer covers up:
  • beds,
  • borders,
  • lawns,
  • walkways,
  • and paths.
The Crocus Ruby Giant makes a perfect pair with other crocuses like mixed Vernus, for example. Combine crocuses with other early-spring flowering plants like daffodils, tulips, and snowflakes. How to take care Plant crocus Ruby Giant in fall. Leave the bulbs undisturbed until they finish blooming. Until 6 weeks after blooming the grass must be left undisturbed as well. Remember to not mow the grass until 6 weeks after the crocuses have bloomed. For optimal results, plant 100 - 150 corms together. Order Crocus Ruby Giant and other early-spring flowering flowers at De Vroomen. We ship to the USA and Canada. Available from September until December.
Bloom Height

3 inches

Bloom Time

Very Early Spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower Color


Plant Depth

2 inches






Packaged In

100 Bulbs per Bag


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Border, Deer Resistant, Naturalizing