Muscari is commonly known as grape hyacinths. The muscari is a family member of the Hyacinthus. The small grapes form tight clusters of flat little bells with a grape juice fragrance. Muscari bloom in mid-spring, at the same time as tulips. Muscari remains low, they grow up to only 6-8” (15-20 cm), which makes muscari easy to plant in any garden or landscape area. Add muscari to your spring border and enjoy colors from bright blue to pure white. The muscari is a sun-loving garden plant that loves a well-drained soil: order muscari and other spring flower bulbs online in our webshop.

How to grow Muscari

In our webshop, we sell different kinds of Muscari, from small flower bulbs to larger flower bulbs, and from bright blue to pure white. Plant the bulbs in fall in good soil that is well-drained and never soggy. Otherwise, you create root rot. Add peat moss or compost to help improve drainage. Plant different styles of muscari in clusters next to each other to create an attractive site of muscari flowers. Muscari is ideal for planting in the front of flower beds and borders. Muscari also grows well in rock gardens. Plant Muscari bulbs 3-4” (8-10 cm) deep and 2-3” (5-7 cm) apart with the pointed end up. After planting, water thoroughly without soaking the soil. For the best visual effect, plant loads of Muscari flower bulbs together.

Popular Muscari

The many varieties make it challenging to choose your favorite muscari. Therefore, De Vroomen also sells muscari mix; this mix contains a blend of different types of muscari. Enjoy the bright colors and the lovely grape fragrance. Mix and combine muscari with other spring plants to create a stunning spring border. At De Vroomen, we sell the following popular types of muscari:

armeniacum: this is the fastest spreading spring flower that quickly covers a field with its blue flowers. The dark-blue colors bloom for several weeks in mid spring and look fabulous combined with other spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops.

Ocean Magic: bright blue at the bottom and white on top. This muscari looks like blue scoops of icecream. The small blue bells provide a perfectly formed pyramid of little mid-spring flowering grapes.

Mixed muscari: a combination of white, light-blue, dark-blue, and duo colored muscari, this mix is all you want this spring. Plant the bulbs in fall and watch the flowers bloom from mid spring.

We also sell white muscari. These rare white muscari garden plants look beautiful in every garden. Muscari is also suitable to grow in containers. Since muscari are quick naturalizers, they quickly spread around fields and under trees.

Order Muscari

We understand you are super enthusiastic about ordering muscari flower bulbs. To make sure you get your flower bulbs on time, order muscari perennial bulbs in our webshop. We securely pack and ship your order to the USA and Canada. Plant, care, and enjoy muscari flowers in mid-spring and watch them naturalize and return each year.