Iris flower bulbs come in many different colors and types. Irises are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, with all colors from the rainbow available. The iris is a popular garden plant that grows up to 6” (15 cm) and remains low. The remaining low height makes irises perfect for the front border position. The flowers bloom if they are planted in a fully sunny spot in the garden. Choose from the many varieties available in our webshop and pick the ones you like. At De Vroomen, we have been selling flower bulbs for almost 95 years. We securely pack and ship your spring flower bulbs to the USA and Canada.

How to grow Irises

Irises are easy to grow and require low-maintenance. Plant the flower bulbs in full sun to partial shade spot in the garden, border, or bedding. Some Irises will flower in half shade or even full shade, but they bloom less fantastic than sorts that could soak sunlight.

Most irises bloom in spring or summer. Dwarf varieties tend to bloom earlier in spring, intermediate sizes bloom later in spring, and the tall irises bloom in summer. Some types reproduce flowers in summer or fall.

Irises are available in many colors, from purple to light blue and bright blue. Choose your favorite in our webshop.

Plant iris flower bulbs in late summer or early fall to allow the roots to establish before the growing season ends.

Choose a sunny location with average to fertile, neutral, well-drained soil.

After blooming, cut back the flowering stalks, but leave the foliage intact to stimulate the growth for next season.

Popular Irises

At De Vroomen, we sell many varieties of the popular Iris flower bulb. Choose between many sorts and colors. Here, we wrote down the three most popular Irises we sell in our webshop:

Botanical reticulata Purple Hill: the purple flags contrasting yellow and white eyes are taller than most reticulata types. The large purple flowers look fantastic in every garden.

Katharine Hodgkin: this early flowering iris produces large pale blue flowers with deep blue veins and a yellow center. This spring flower thrives on a full sun to partial shade location.

Reticulata Harmony: the dark-purple flowers are a real sign of spring when they appear in early spring. The iris reticulata Harmony is perfect for containers and pots on the patio. Terrace or balcony.

Order Irises

The versatile iris flower bulbs come in many different sizes and colors. Choose the iris you like and add the number of flower bulbs to your cart. Place your order, and we ship your flower bulbs to the USA and Canada.