The most scented and colorful spring flowers are Hyacinths. Hyacinth flower bulbs come in a large variety of colors from bright pink to soft blue and white. The strongly fragrant produce racemes (clusters) of closely-packed single or double flowers. Grape hyacinths (muscari) are not directly linked to true hyacinths, but grape hyacinths belong to the same botanical family. Plant hyacinth flower bulbs in fall and watch the bulbs bloom in early spring. At De Vroomen, we have been selling spring flower bulbs for almost 95 years. Order hyacinth bulbs online in our webshop.

How to grow hyacinths?

Hyacinths are perennial bulbs, which means they will come back every year.
Plant hyacinth flower bulbs directly in the ground in fall, before the first fall frost.
Hyacinth flower bulbs grow in well-drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun or partial shade.
Before planting, loosen the soil and mix the ground with compost to add nutrition.
Plant the bulbs 4” (10 cm) deep and 3” (7 cm) apart.
Place the flower bulbs with the pointy end facing upwards.
Water regularly after planting.

Popular hyacinths

At de Vroomen, we sell many different varieties of wholesale hyacinth flower bulbs. Choose between marvelous colors, lovely scents, and vary blooming periods. Hyacinth flower bulbs are also very suitable for growing in containers. Choose between the many varieties available in our webshop:

Carnegie: this beautiful pure white-colored hyacinth shows unusual closely-packed white clusters of flowers in mid-spring. Probably the whitest of all hyacinths, the Carnegie is beloved among many gardeners.

Blue Jacket: rising up to 6-10” (15-20 cm) this bright blue hyacinth thrives in average, medium humid, but well-drained soil. Blue Jacket hyacinths are easy to develop and grow in beds, borders, meadows, rock gardens, containers, and flower pots.

Pink Pearl: pretty in pink, this hyacinth is a gem from the candy shop. The sweet smell, combined with the bright pink flowers, and the extended flowering period, form the perfect spring flower.

Order hyacinths

Order these and other hyacinth flower bulbs in our webshop. Choose the variety you like, add the number of bulb packages to your cart, and ship it to the USA and Canada. It’s easy to order hyacinth flower bulbs and other spring-flowering bulbs in our webshop, like crocuses, daffodils, and snowdrops.