To make your flower bulbs grow beautifully, add fertilizers. The fertilizers we sell at De Vroomen, are specialized for Dutch flower bulbs. Flower bulbs need extra nutrients to show lush and firmly grow. If flower bulbs are planted in the fall, the nutrients are already soaked by the summer-growing garden plants. To make flower bulbs establish well and form a well-established root system, fertilizers can help. Buy fertilizers to add p, calcium, and other nutrients to the ground. Mix the compost with the soil, and plant the bulb in the mixed soil: order fertilizers and wholesale flower bulbs online at De Vroomen.

How to use fertilizers

Fertilizers contain the chemical elements that improve the growth and productiveness of plants. Fertilizers provide steady growth and blushing flowers. To give your flower bulbs a good start, apply fertilizers in spring before the growing season begins. How often you have to fertilize later in the year, depends on the plant. For example, roses need more nutrients to grow than daffodils. Check the particular fertilizer preferences per plant, to make the plant bloom beautifully. Also, check your ground by doing a soil test. This way, you get to know what kind of fertilizer your soil needs. Some land has a lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. To discover what your soil needs, make a ground test.

How to apply fertilizers

Read this small guide on how to apply fertilizers to your garden plants, flower bulbs, or grass.

Wait for 2 to 3 weeks after planting flower bulbs before you apply fertilizers.
Mix the ground from the plant hole with compost and plant the bulbs in the new mixed ground.
Water thoroughly so the fertilizer aids in the field so the roots can access it.
Add liquid fertilizers by dissolving the product in irrigation water and apply the mix of fertilizers and water through a water can around the plant.

Order fertilizers

At De Vroomen, we sell specialized fertilizers for flower bulbs. This fertilizer contains the exact needs for the best growth for flower bulbs. Add a little fertilizer to the ground and mix it with the soil. Water regularly to make the fertilizer accessible to the roots. Order fertilizers in our webshop, and we ship your order to the USA and Canada. Click the number of fertilizers you want, and we ship your order to your address in the USA or Canada.