One of the most famous early spring flower is the Crocus. This low garden plant cheers up the bare winter landscapes and adds color to dormant lawns. While all other plants are still in dormancy, crocuses show in early spring to put a smile on your face. Easy to plant, simple to grow, and with low maintenance crocuses are the perfect spring bulbs. At De Vroomen, we sell wholesale flower bulbs for bulk prices.
How to grow crocus

Crocuses come in many varieties, all early bloomers. For the best visual effect in the spring border, you must plant several flower bulbs in small groups. Crocuses bloom fantastic and add a splash of color to every garden and field. Crocuses love a sunny to a partially shady spot and prefer planted in well-drained soil.

Popular Crocuses

At De Vroomen, we sell many varieties of crocuses. Many gardeners love crocuses since they naturalize fast and quickly cover a border. The most popular types at De Vroomen are:

Ruby Giant: the most common seen crocus with its purple color and orange pistils can’t be missed in any spring bedding.

Mixed vernus: the mixed vernus is the perfect solution for gardeners who can’t choose between purple, lilac, yellow, and white crocuses.

King of the Striped: the relatively large crocus with purple and white striped petals look amazing in the spring border. The attractive purple and white stripes will steal your heart.

Romance: the bright yellow flowers stand out between the early spring flowers in the border. The buttery soft yellow petals are floriferous and are naturalizes excellent.

Click on the particular crocus to read more about where to plant, when to plant and how to take care of the crocus.

Order Crocuses

Order wholesale flower bulbs online at De Vroomen. Crocus bulk bulbs are available from September until December. We ship your order to the USA and Canada. Any questions? Please contact us.